The Novelty of Hunting for Vinyl Records

I’m sure you’ve seen people with vinyl records. It’s hard not to when big name musicians are releasing albums exclusively on vinyl. Unlike CDs and MP3’s which lack a distinctive personality, a vinyl record is considered novel. The quality of sound is more definitive, and the album covers are works of art, proudly playing homage to the records themselves. If they haven’t piqued your interest yet, I suggest you give them a try. Read the turntable reviews at Local Singles Records, buy a player, then spin a vinyl or two on it.

But the love for vinyls isn’t recent, nor is it due to the promotions of savvy marketers. The love for vinyl, like the music itself, is classic. And there are those who are looking for classic vinyls, or records that were released decades ago, but are still in circulation. And contrary to what you might expect, the value of a record is really based on who is looking, not always on who the music artist is. One person’s favorite vinyl could be trash to someone else. One might throw away a record that is tarnished or scratched, while another might actually love it for its imperfections and whatnot.

These collectors make a hobby, sometimes a lifestyle, out of finding these vintage vinyls. They aren’t easy to get a hold of, mind you. It takes scouting and searching just to catch a lead on where a good one might pop up. Many collectors are frequent users of online stores like Ebay to try and catch their targets. They’ll even use snipping tools to make sure they win the auctions. (A snipping tool is a way to outbid at the last second, regardless of the cost the item is going for.) Needless to say, it’s a great demonstration of the determination that collectors have to get a hold of the vinyl records that they want.


Because many of these records are limited, most collectors go to local record stores early to scan the aisles and see what’s new. Sometimes, they even head over the night before and camp. They do the same for garage sales that advertise the sale of vinyls. Some collectors even take jobs in music stores and museums to see what they may get their hands on. But of course, other vinyl collectors don’t take the hunt so seriously. They stroll casually, taking their time. The end game is different for everyone. Some just want an addition or two for their collection, while others want every addition possible.

Now, I know that all of this makes vinyl record hunting sound like work. So you might be wondering, why do people even do it? How can it be considered fun? Well, think of it the same way you think of any of your own hobbies. And like any other hobby, those who are into it just love it for seemingly no reason at all. On the other hand, those who don’t do it aren’t always going to understand why. Sometimes, you just have to be one to understand one. So if you’re looking for a novel way to have fun, why not give it a try?

Ways to Make Showers More Fun

If you’re like most people, you see taking a shower as nothing more than a chore. Sure, everyone has to do it to stay clean, and more importantly, healthy. It’s a little boring though. But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing else you can do except bathe. So here, we look at the ways to make getting clean a little more fun!

Shower With Music

You could always sing. Yes, singing in the shower is a great way to pass time (while waiting for your personal care products to do their magic). It’s fun, even if you think you sound like a cat meowing when you belt out those tunes.

Listening to music is another great way to enjoy your shower. Sure, you can’t bring a phone inside the shower (or can you? We’ll see in a minute!). But there are shower heads that have Bluetooth MP3 capabilities. These can be super cheap and can be bought at a local hardware store. Some of these even have flashing or rotating LED lights, thus turning your shower into a disco! Try not to dance too much though or you might fall down and get a nasty bruise! Of course, you can buy the flashing shower head without the MP3 capabilities if you’re just looking to add a little color.

Bathe in Color

Oh, and speaking of color, you could always buy yourself some crayons! Not, not the normal ones that you use in coloring books, but the shower friendly ones. They’re designed for a younger target audience, but they’re fun for everyone. I mean, everyone enjoys coloring or the adult coloring books wouldn’t be so popular right now. So, why not invest in these handy little art supplies, and give yourself something to do while you’re letting the conditioner sit in your hair. I’m sure you can come up with all kinds of great designs. After your done your shower, you might want to post a picture of it on Instagram or Twitter!

Connect With Other Bathrooms?

While on the subject of social media, I know there are people who always seem to have phone withdrawal symptoms. Even water proof phones can’t go inside the shower with you, right? But if you’ve ever browsed the Google or iTunes app stores, you’ll see apps called TTS, or text to speech. What these apps do is read your notifications out loud. Some of them are even capable of typing in your replies, and most of these apps are free! They were designed to be used while driving, but hey, if you want to Tweet or text without getting electrocuted, you should be able to!


But if you just can’t live without a phone in your hand, they actually have shower curtains designed with pockets. You can put your phone/tablet inside of this pocket, and still be able to use it while you’re bathing.

Chill Out Without Chilling

If you are going to do any of these tips, I suggest that you read a couple of tankless water heater reviews ( and install one in your bathroom. Time flies when you’re having fun, and it’s easy to forget what you were supposed to be doing (bathing, that is). You wouldn’t want to be all chilly while you’re chilling out, so a nice stream of warm water will help prevent spoiling the fun.

Music And The Human Orchestra

I listen to vinyl records, I’m decent with the guitar, and I even have a small home recording studio. And so, it’s not a surprise that Panadrome is my favorite character in Mechanique, a fun novel which I just recently discovered. As you’ll see in the book itself, he is billed as the “Human Orchestra.”

steampunk guitar

Panadrome’s sound is described as “tinny” that “swells to an orchestra” (hence his circus moniker). It is said that it seeps through people’s blood, and transforms them to metal to trap the music so the heart is felt beating.

In an interview before, author Genevieve Valentine spoke about Panadrome’s “attachment to beautiful and doomed things from his old life.” It is shown in the way he interacts with his accordion and the world’s last piano. (I imagine that he once had the best home studio equipment, like maybe the top microphone for recording vocals & acoustic guitar.) People probably share that same attachment with Panadrome, and it’s what connects his music to even those who are supposedly “more human.”

Panadrome is described as more of a machine than a man. It’s like he’s a pile of metal, wherein on top is a mounted human head that appears to move “like it was alive.” And it’s not a pretty sight — a glance at that human face is enough for most (his appearance makes circus goers uncomfortable). Such descriptions remind me of the Doof Warrior from the recent Mad Max movie. He is a “human” on top of machines and is also unsettling to look at (see below).

But Panadrome doesn’t dislike his appearance. He has silver hands with wrist joints smothered with oil, but he has never asked to have them covered. And that’s despite of Boss (another character) herself offering him “a pair of gloves” several times. He is actually proud of how Boss “artfully” made his phalanges, and that hints a lot about how he sees the leader. It should be noted that he is the Boss’ first and most complicated creation.

You can read more about Panadrome in “Study, for Solo Piano” by Genevieve Valentine at Fantasy Magazine (which is now inactive, but still online). To discover more fun novels that you can read, check back here often.